What is Vanilla Glimmer? Vanilla Glimmer is a fashion and makeup blog, written by me, a typical teenager with a love for the world of alternative (and mainstream!) fashion and makeup. 

Why the name “Vanilla Glimmer”? To be honest, the name doesn’t really have any significant meaning. The original name for my blog was “Tre Belle” which is French for “be beautiful”. But then I realized that I wanted a different name, something that would express my personality a bit more and the things that I like. The words “vanilla” and “glimmer” just kinda hit me and I thought, “Hmm..That could possibly work”. So, thats basically how the name originated. Unfortunately, I don’t have some crazy back story that made me pick the name, so if you expected that, sorry for the disappointment 😛

What is my goal? To bring fun and fresh new takes on the latest trends, and generally spread more knowledge about the growing world of alternative, cute fashions.  It may take awhile, but I’m willing to stay on the bandwagon and contribute my fashion thoughts and inspiration to the world through blogging. I genuinely hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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