Hosting Changes

Hello everybody! I just wanted to whip up a quick post for you guys and let you know about some changes I’ve done with Vanilla Glimmer. Since about the beginning of last month, I’ve been searching around for different blog hosts other than WordPress because of  a few annoyances I had with them. I found a few that were okay, but nothing that I was truly happy and comfortable with. Then after reading up on Blogger I decided to make the switch over there because its the only host I’ve found that currently has everything I need. I had used it once before for an old blog about a year ago, but a lot of stuff changed since then so I’m much happier with it now. I usually hate it when blogs change their URL addresses on short notice, but I feel much better having it out of the way. I do apologize for the inconvenience though! I still kept the same name and just imported all of the posts that I’ve written so far, so everything is still basically the same other than the URL. If you would like to see the new blog please click the link below! I hope all of my previous readers follow me over to the new site 😉 xoxo

New Blog


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