For The Love of Grunge

Today I’m writing with a little bit of a different take than the usual pastel, glittery, unicorn filled topics.  Here recently I’ve become extremely fond of the comeback of grunge fashion.  As far as I know, it was most popular around late 80’s and early 90’s in the punk and goth fashion scene and is starting to make a bit of a comeback in modern day fashions. Staples seem to be creepers (which by the way, I want reeeeally badly!), plaid shirts, oversized tees, high wasted shorts with tights, and darker lipstick shades. It gives of a sense of being effortlessly cool. Here are just a few outfits of grunge that I’ve found on Lookbook:

I like that even though grunge is typically a darker style, the first outfit incorporates a cute hot pink crop top so you can get your fill of pink (yay!) while not getting rid of the whole dark and mysterious vibe of grunge. For those of you who still love pastels and sweetness though, I created a couple of my own “grunge-esque” outfits for you, just as some pointers for incorporating cuteness into this style as well:



These are just a few ideas for “pastel grunge” as I like to call it. Its easy to incorporate your usual dose of sweet pastels, but still keep the much needed basics of a grunge style outfit.

What do you think of these outfits? Whats your take on grunge fashion in general? Would you wear it or ditch it?

See ya’ next time. xoxo 😉


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