Jem: My Current Obsession

I have a huge problem, people. I can’t…stop…watching…Jem. I know, I know, its strange. But its addiciting! The bright neon clothes, crazy colored hair, extremely high pitched singing and those cheesy 80’s songs… Its a beautiful world. 😀 And I gained lots and lots of outfit inspiration from watching the lovely Jem and the Holograms. Even though neons aren’t technically the best color to incorporate into Lolita, or even fairy-kei, there are still a lot of cute saturated pastels in Jem that could easily be transformed into Jem inspired coordinates. For example, Jem’s pastel pink hair? Crazy style, but easily recreated in Lolita with a few, *cough*, modern adjustments. Even adding big pink rhinestone earrings can add a pop of Jem to any outfit! Here are a few outfits for you Jem lovers out there (I know I’m not alone!):

See? Simply cute, and super Jem. These coords are sure to make any Misfit jealous (stupid pun, I know, but I had to do it)!

What do you guys think of these Jem inspired fairy-kei and Sweet Lolita coordinates? What was your favorite 80’s cartoon when you were younger? Let me know in the comments! :3 xoxo


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