Calling all Color

Before I begin writing on our topic for today, I want to take a moment to apologize to you all for not posting in eons! Everything has been very hectic lately with me not always having access to a computer in order to post and I also didn’t have any topic ideas which led me into a short, unwanted hiatus. So please forgive me, my dear Glimmers (haha, my affectionate pet name for readers of VG), I am back and although I don’t know when the next time I can post will be, please know that I have not forgotten you!

Onto the color!

Normally my posts are pretty impartial to Sweet Lolita but this one has a bit of everything. Looking through some street snaps on Tokyo Fashion, I saw this adorable Lolita in a mint and white coordinate and fell in love.

(picture credit to Tokyo Fashion)

Although mint is a fairly popular color in Lolita (usually Sweet), its not popular enough! Looking at this snap just reminded me how color secluded a lot of Lolita styles are. Its almost as if people are afraid they’ll be called an “ita” if they don’t wear the specific color schemes that go with their sub-style. For example: Off-whites, bordeaux, and brown are often colors associated with Classic. Blacks, navy blues, and grey most often associate with Gothic. And pastel pinks and blues are typically the color base for many Sweet coordinates.

Although I don’t think your should slap every neon color into a coordinate (not exactly what comes to mind when I think of elegant…),  I do think their should be more color diversity in Lolita. Below I put together some coordinates for Gothic, Classic, and Sweet using some less typical colors.

In the above coordinate I used an unlikely Gothic color: pink! I figured, why can’t pink be used to create a darker, yet elegant look? A simple pink dress paired with skull motifs and black to balance out the pink can still bring a little girly-ness to the coordinate while still keeping its usual creepy cuteness.

Very few times have I ever seen a light blue like this used in Classic Lolita.  Pastels paired with a Classic coordinate is refreshing from the usual muted colors often found.

Here I took an unusual color and fabric for a Sweet Lolita coordinate. I went with one of Angelic Pretty’s denim dresses and paired it with white accessories. Usually denim isn’t a very elegant fabric, but this is a way that you can incorporate it into a coordinate.

Just these few coordinates go to show that you don’t always have to use the “set” color schemes for your style. The options are endless so long as you remember to keep it simple and elegant.

Until next time! 😉


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