Its Tea Time With Holley!

Over the past week or so, I’ve been lucky enough to chat with Ms. Holley, owner of the lovely store Holley Tea Time. I discovered this store a few months ago and fell in love! I simply had to interview her 🙂 shall we begin?

Vanilla Glimmer: What made you decide to start Holley Tea Time?

Holley: In the beginning I would sell in the artist alley and just do fan art. I had my 1st button badge which was a panda and original art by me and it sold out at the convention. I saw how my original cute art sold better then the fan art I was selling so from there I did my own cute art.

VG: How did the name “Holley Tea Time” come about?

H: I was playing CafeWorld on Facebook and I had to name my cafe and it had my name in it. I liked tea time so I added it and made it “Holley Tea Time”. I liked the name so I made it my company name. When I was younger I dreamed to one day have a cafe of my own and it still is a dream.

VG: What would you say is your inspiration for your items?

H: I would say just about anything. Ideas come to my head all the time or I get inspiration by looking at colors or images.

VG: How would you describe the style of your clothing/jewlery at Holley Tea Time?

H: I would say happy, and colorful and good enough to eat. Most of the things I draw have glaze or shine and over the years I found out my own drawing style and now embrace my HTT style on my art. I love rainbows and I always seem to add them in all my drawings or stars or polka dots in my art.

VG: As HTT continues to grow, what is your vision for the store?

H: My true vision is to be a brand company known all over the world for my clothing, jewlery /accessories. But also to one day have a theme park and animation studio 🙂 Basically accomplish everything Disney did.

VG: What would be one piece of advice that you’d give to young people aspiring to start a store like this? (or any store, really).

H: I would say its always hard the first 3 years. When I started it was hard, like, I started selling my art in 2009 and I would say this year was the year it got better. I also had my mom who helped me a lot and still is helping me. Also paying for advertisement on websites helped me and people blogging about my shop helped a lot too.

I hope you guys enjoyed the interview! And check out Holley Tea Time!


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