The Definition of a Lifestyle Lolita

What pops into your mind when you hear the term “lifestyle lolita”? Do you see a porcelain skinned maiden, with flowy mint hair, who lives off of tea and cakes? A girl who redecorates her home in strictly pastel colors and unicorns? Or maybe you have a little more of a realistic take on the lifestyle lolita, as someone who closely follows with the mannerisms women had in the Victorian or Rococo periods. But what exactly is the definition of a lifestyle lolita?: THERE IS NONE.

See, many people think there are guidelines that someone has to follow in order to be a lifestyle lolita. You must have an abundant supply of cupcakes on hand at all times, or you must have afternoon tea everyday, or some even think that if your closet consists of the smallest bit of offbrand your automatically off the list. So you own a Bodyline dress? OFF WITH YOUR HEAD. No. No one should lose their head over something like that.

But people have then mentality that you must follow certain rules in order to be a lifestyle loli. In reality, a lolita lifestyle can consist of whatever you think suits it. You wanna live off of sugary sweet cupcakes? Go ahead…I guess. Not exactly the smartest idea, but you get the point. So what if you don’t like tea. It doesnt make you any less of a lolita. You don’t know how to sew worth a lick? No worries, sewing isn’t required. If you truly want to be a lifestyle lolita, do whatever comes to mind when you hear that term.

There’s already enough restrictions and guidelines with lolita as a fashion. Being a lifetyle lolita gives you the opportunity to play around a bit more and do what you truly love. A good quote to explain that in more depth:

“Lolitas do not recognize any authority. They follow only the values they have chosen for themselves, regardless of what other people say.”

(I love this quote, but unfortunately don’t know the writer. I’d like to source it correctly. Anyone know the original writer?)

In conclusion, just remember that there is no clear definition of a lifestyle lolita. Your journey in lolita is like a blank book. Its your job to fill it with pictures and writing that depicts whatever you please.


2 thoughts on “The Definition of a Lifestyle Lolita

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