Being Confident in Lolita

So there you are. At (insert public place), standing in your poofiest skirt, candy colored hair, and your favorite pair of tea party shoes. Trying your best to ignore the awkward stares, but unfortunately, to no avail. Never fear my frilly friends! I have a few tips that may just help you in your excursion through Lolita Land.

1. Play pretend. Try your best to exude confidence whether its there or not. Keep your head up, eyes forward, and walk with pride (well…not TOO much pride…you don’t wanna come off as snotty and unapporachable). Most people aren’t as likely to give you snarky comments if they see that you look confident in yourself. Obviously their target would be the dejected girl in the corner with her head down.

2. Tell yourself your confident. Before going out, find a mirror and tell yourself something along the lines of “I’m confident, and beautiful”. Don’t be afraid to sound conceited! A lot of times, we don’t give ourselves enough credit anyways so spoiling ourselves with compliments every once in a while won’t hurt 😉 after a while of telling yourself stuff like this, you’ll start to believe it.

3. Get witty with it. Someone gives you a strange/rude comment? Retort with something smart and cunning. Give them a big grin and reply with something in between polite, but annoyed, I guess you could say. Never just be flat out rude though. Adding a hint of fake kindness into your response should be enough to creep ’em out a bit. Not good with smart come-backs? Just don’t say anything! I know it can be difficult, but imagine how stupid someone would feel if they give you a rude comment and you just pretend not to hear! Then their the freaks yelling out “HEY! WHERE’S THE OOMPA LOOMPAS?!” into thin air.

And just a reminder, you are all beautiful and unique. I know it sounds a bit cliche, but its the truth. You were obviously drawn to the wonderful world of Lolita for a reason, so you should be happy and confident wearing it. Don’t be afraid to go against society’s practically unnatainable standard of “perfectness”. Be happy and confident in yourself, mentally, first…Then be happy and confident as a Lolita.


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