5 Steps to “Fairy Kei-ify” Your Room

So lets say your someone who loves fairy-kei, but you wish your room was more….fairy kei-ish. Well, I put together these 5 steps to help you fairy kei’s who would like to transform your room into the perfect room for a pastel princess! All of these steps are fairly cheap as well so you won’t have to worry about it costing an arm and a leg!

1. Learn to sew! Make yourself some cute curtains! Find some pastel fabric with maybe some unicorns, or stars on it and sew up a cute pair of curtains. If you have pretty small windows in your room, a few yards of fabric should suffice and it won’t cost you too much (especially if you find some at a thrift store). Most likely your mom already has a needle and thread lying somewhere in the house. Or better yet, instead of going out to find fabric, look through your old clothes that you don’t wear as often. Cut them up and make some cute curtains!

2. Have shelves in your room that you don’t really use for anything? Head out to a thrift store and find some old vintage MLP’s (My Little Pony)! As you buy them, place them on the shelve and you’ll have a cute section with your MLP collection. It adds a hint of cuteness to the room without breaking your wallet.

3. Fairy Kei Fashion Board: Find a simple bulletin board (can be bought from Target or Walmart for a very reasonable price). Then either print or tear pictures of some of your favorite fairy kei outfits and put them on the board. Also, take pictures of you and your friends to place on the board. That way when you wake up, you’ll have some fashion inspiration for your outfit and also be able to look at fun memories of you and your friends! 🙂

4. Stickers, stickers, and more stickers! Get a bunch of cute kawaii puffy stickers. Even just little stickers of maybe MLP’s, vintage Barbie, Popples, Carebears. If you have a vanity, you can put the stickers on the mirror, or if you have a radio in your room, use them to decorate the radio. The options are endless, so get creative!

5. Let your hands fall onto a world of cotton candy bliss every morning! Find some fuzzy yarn (yarn for baby’s blankets would be good because their sooo soft!) in your favorite pastel color whether it be mint, blue, pink, or pale yellow. Then get a hot glue gun, and place one dot of it at one end of your dresser drawer handle. Then take the end of the yarn and stick it onto the glue. Let it sit for a few seconds to dry. Then start wrapping the fuzzy yarn all around the handle until you get to the end of the other side. Place another dot of glue on that side, then stick the end of your yarn onto the glue. Now you have cotton candy handles!

I hope this post helped you all! If any of you have other ideas, please comment and let me know! I would love to hear them.

P.S. How do you all like the new layout? 😀


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