5 Steps to Becoming Popular on YouTube

A few months back I started my own YouTube channel for makeup and fashion tutorials. I currently have 21 subscribers (not much, but I’m getting there!), and I know a lot of people wonder what stuff they can do to get more comments, subscribers, etc. So I put together this quick post to share my tips with you on gaining more popularity on YT! 😀

1. Comment, comment, comment. If you see a video you like, comment on it. You may get lucky and somebody may decide to click on your username and then fall in love with your videos! Its a quick and simple way to at least have some people possibly see you. The only thing I DON’T recommend would be writing comments such as “Please check out my makeup channel!” or “Sub me and I’ll sub back!”. Often, comments like that can be marked as spam, and then no one will want to check out your channel.

2. Always make more videos. When you start a channel, its not just a short-term thing, same as writing a blog. What happens if somebody ends up liking your videos, but then you don’t post a new one for a month or two? Then they might lose hope and just stop checking back altogether.

3.  TRY to make good quality videos. I know not everybody always can afford nice cameras and editing programs and such, but at least try to work at getting nicer equipment if you don’t already have it. My reason for saying this is because a lot of people aren’t gonna wanna sit and watch a video that has fuzzy quality, bad audio, and weird lighting. 

4. Tell your friends about your videos. For one, you’ll get views from them, and they can also tell their friends about your videos so you’ll get even more views!

5. Have fun with it. If people see your having fun with making your videos then they’ll have fun watching it! Nobody wants to watch someone who’s lifeless or doesn’t seem to really care about what  she/he is discussing in the video.

Remember, stuff like this isn’t always going be peachy keen. Somewhere along the road you may run into a negative comment, but you can’t let that stop you. If this is something you truly enjoy, nobody can take it away from you no matter what they write. I think of it like this: THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS. Jealous people never get anywhere anyways, so don’t let that stop you from doing what you love.


Link to my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSJ98


5 thoughts on “5 Steps to Becoming Popular on YouTube

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