Mini Guide To Mori Girl

After doing a Google search, I realized that there aren’t very many blogs or how-to’s on the Japanese mori girl style. So I figured I’d do a quick little mini guide for any of you girls who are interested!

The Basics:

In Japanese, “mori” means “forest” so the mori girl style is basically supposed to epict a girl of the forest. Its all very natural with subtle colors, but still a fairly elaborate style.

The Color Palette:

Colors in the mori girl fashion typically consist of very natural earthy tones. Antique white, ivory, white, beige, browns, etc. You can also still include darker colors as well though like dark greens, blues (navy blue would be good), or dark browns. Any color you can think of that might be in the forest would work well.

The Shape:

None of the clothing is really very fitted. In fact, most people will get a couple sizes larger than their normal size. Mori girl is a bit more modest and vintage inspired so often the skirts will be longer, and nothing is fitted very close to the body.


Mori girl doesn’t involve as many accessories as other styles such as fairy-kei, decora, etc. Sometimes the outfits will include knitted fingerless gloves, or simple flowers and headbands for the hair. Accessories are kept to a minimum and not very flashy.

Mori girl hair is kept very natural and simple. They often don’t wear wigs, and styling includes simple braids, buns, or just being left out. Also ponytails with a maybe ribbons to tie them together are popular.


Makeup is very subtle, and some mori girls wear none at all. But if you do wear makeup stick with earth toned eyeshadows, a little mascara, and lip balm. Sometimes a little blush as well if you want a healthy looking glow.

I hope this mini guide was helpful to you all! Let me know in the comments if you have anything to add on, or just let me know if it helped you out! 😉


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