First an Introduction…

Hi! Welcome to my blog, Vanilla Glimmer. I thought it would be best to start out with an introduction and tell you a little bit about the blog and me. For one, I am Mari J. Just your typical teenage girl with a love for fashion and beauty. My main focus on this blog is to further spread knowledge of lesser know alternative fashions, as well as give my input on today’s latest trends on the mainstream fashion scene. I choose not to label my blog because I feel like it restricts my writing, and I want absolutely no barriers when it comes to writing articles for my readers. As the blog grows and becomes more popular, I know that many people will have certain tastes and opinions, and I feel like its unfair to exclude one group of people by labeling my blog as a “mainstream” or “alternative” fashion blog. I write about a mix of things, so that all of my readers can be interested as well as learn new things they may not have previously known.

As for those of you who don’t know very much about the alternative fashions that I do write about, here is a brief description of the main ones you may see me discuss:

Lolita: A Japanese street fashion based on Western Victorian and Rococo styled clothing. Originated about late 80’s, and the general aesthetic is to portray a modest, yet cute girl, or “princess”.

Fairy-Kei: Yet another Japanese street fashion, but this one focuses on pretty pastels and takes lots of inspiration from 80’s cartoons and toys. Things such as Jem, Popples, CareBears, My Little Pony, and Barbie.

These are generally the two alternative fashions that I discuss the most, but as I grow and learn more about other alternative fashions, I will include those in the mix as well.

I truly hope you will join me on my journey through fashion and beauty. Its a joy for me to write about fashion, to give my opinions, and to share my ideas with all of you. 🙂

xoxo, Mari J



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