Hosting Changes

Hello everybody! I just wanted to whip up a quick post for you guys and let you know about some changes I’ve done with Vanilla Glimmer. Since about the beginning of last month, I’ve been searching around for different blog hosts other than WordPress because of  a few annoyances I had with them. I found … Continue reading

Ever So Etsy: StarlightDecoDream

Back again with another Ever So Etsy post! Today, I’m going to show you all StarlightDecoDream. I’m sure some of you have probably heard of this wonderful shop, since its fairly popular with the Sweet Lolita and Fairy-Kei crowd. I myself had heard the name tossed around quite a bit, but never did get around … Continue reading

Store Update

New items in stock on Vanilla Glimmer! Here’s a quick video I made with a slideshow of the new stuff, and some pointless stuff at the end ;3 Here are links to all of the products shown in the video just for your convenience: Mint Chocolate Milkshake Necklace Donut Earrings: Pink Cupcake Ring Dangly Cupcake … Continue reading

For The Love of Grunge

Today I’m writing with a little bit of a different take than the usual pastel, glittery, unicorn filled topics.  Here recently I’ve become extremely fond of the comeback of grunge fashion.  As far as I know, it was most popular around late 80’s and early 90’s in the punk and goth fashion scene and is … Continue reading

Jem: My Current Obsession

I have a huge problem, people. I can’t…stop…watching…Jem. I know, I know, its strange. But its addiciting! The bright neon clothes, crazy colored hair, extremely high pitched singing and those cheesy 80’s songs… Its a beautiful world. 😀 And I gained lots and lots of outfit inspiration from watching the lovely Jem and the Holograms. … Continue reading

*~Revlon Lip Butter Review + Surprise!~*

This review is actually long overdo because I’ve had my Lip Butters for like… 2 months. But, I have finally managed to write it for you all! I’ve already found a thousand different reviews on these, but I figured I’d put my two cents in anyways. Sooo.. lets begin! ^.^ (Warning! Image heavy!) Okay, I … Continue reading

Good News + Ever So Etsy

I’m officially back in business! We just got our internet turned on today so I will be able to update regularly again! My plan is to at least update every other day if not every day, so keep checking back for new posts. Now that I have that good news out of the way, lets … Continue reading

Calling all Color

Before I begin writing on our topic for today, I want to take a moment to apologize to you all for not posting in eons! Everything has been very hectic lately with me not always having access to a computer in order to post and I also didn’t have any topic ideas which led me … Continue reading

Summer Love: ModCloth

This Summer, ModCloth is my go to store for everything awesome.  They carry tons of adorable vintage inspired pieces, as well as modern styles. These are very few of the items that I love, love, LOVE from ModCloth. One piece in particular that I’m dying to have is that sheer color block button up.  Its … Continue reading

Happy ILD!

This is gonna be a quick post, but I just wanted to tell everyone to have a happy happy International Lolita Day! Unfortunately, I’ll be celebrating ILD later because I’m waiting on a specific outfit to arrive. So, whenever I receive that outfit I will have my own little late celebration of ILD, and do … Continue reading